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Why you should Revisit your Retail Store Signs and Change Things Now

Signage is a display- a visual representation- that gives you all the information you need to navigate yourself to the place you want to be. It helps people easily reach their destination and even helps customers find what they have been looking for at your shop. What helps a retail store stand out and attract more customers is the influence of a well-made, attractive sign. It guides the customers to and through a shop, drives attention to the products available, and tingles with people’s curiosity to know more.

Visual displays inside the store help customers locate what they want without bothering anyone- like the frozen foods section, the emergency exit gate, and the washroom. The more unique it is, the more attention it grabs. It communicates not only about where the products are but also instills a brand image in the minds of those who visit the shop. For Example, the very yellow ‘M’ sign anywhere will remind you of your favorite fries store, McDonald’s.

Effective point-of-purchase signs have the power to influence up to 85% of purchases in a store. Persuasive signs can make a customer look at the most ignored products and even make them a favorite of the regulars. Signs that use humor or play with words make visitors slow down and think (that’s how you grab attention in the best way!). A chuckle is good enough for people to notice the products around it. If is it creative enough, it can cause a boom on social media for your shop and even bring you fame.

Here are 5 points you should remember and mistakes you should avoid while installing signage at your retail store-

Only important information goes up

The information that goes up on the sign should be to the point and easy to read. It should not make the board seem cluttered or have so many pointers that the customer finds the sign hard to understand. “Ketchup here” or, “coffee served here” are some signs that serve their purpose perfectly. The message is clear without any other explanation of the same needed. A single word “Discount” on the boards- exterior or interior- can help get you more footfall. Do not mislead the customer but make them curious enough to visit your shop and make a purchase.

Give it space.

A sign that is cramped doesn’t work its magic. A sign that has too much space doesn’t either. The content should be evenly spaced out so, it displays useful information without causing any confusion. Properly consider where the signage must be put around the store to effectively communicate the message that makes it easy for the customer to navigate around the store. Where you place it around the store is also a crucial point. Add a lot of signs in the store, and your shop looks cluttered, has less, and it’s not serving its purpose well. Proper spacing is what you should aim for.

For signs specific to certain products- the closer it is to the eye level, the better chance it has of helping a purchase.

Font and colors

Cursive fonts, fonts that have an aesthetic appeal are great to use on signs only if it is easy to read for the customer who keeps a busy eye. It should be eye-catching. The colors should be complementing- should be in the decided brand colors or have a psychological impact. For example- purple reflects royalty and luxury, whereas, orange reflects excitement and warmth. The repetition of brand colors and brand fonts will help position the brand in a way that is memorable for the customer.


The quality of the sign speaks a lot about the retail store. Using premium quality fabric and material will keep it safe from withering away in a short time. Making signage is expensive work. It should also have the quality of reusability to reduce future costs of making specific signs. The retailer must ensure that the sign does not look worn out or old. If the sign is dusty, it is no good. Go for an alterable sign that allows you to change some of its contents to make it relevant any day.

Design and brand

The design should reflect brand values and help memorably position the brand as well as the retail store. The signs, designs, colors- everything speaks about your brand to the people. Every sign should have your brand logo on it. It serves as a reminder of where the customers are and unconsciously helps them remember the store. Unique and interesting visual elements only do good for the brand. The name should be added in a different font or color to grab the attention of a passerby.

Every bit of the above-mentioned comes together to create a sign that creates the greatest impact on the customers and helps you gain better recognition locally. Mentioning something only available at your store also attracts the attention of people and thus helps you build a successful business.


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