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Retail Space Designing

Retail space design is a well-thought-out strategy to set up a store in a certain way to optimize space and sales. The way a store is set up can help establish brand identity as well as serve a practical purpose, such as protecting against shoplifting.


Retail Space

Retail space design and display factors into window displays, furnishings, lighting, flooring, music and store layout to create a brand or specific appeal. Part of the design intends to direct traffic to get customers to “flow” to see more items and make impulse purchases. A good commercial space design can result in increasing the sales of the brand and the brand name, making it quite a hit amongst the consumers.

The layout of the store determines how customers shop and the longer a customer spends in a store browsing products the more likely they are to buy. Tactics to keep customers in-store longer have been used by brands for decades. A common example of this is when the most popular necessities or wants are stocked at the back of a store, forcing visitors to walk past other items that might catch their eye on the way to what they really came in to purchase.

The customer flow is impacted by the design layout. If customers are being directed into a bottleneck the store can feel cramped and uninviting, creating a negative atmosphere. The good thing about the impact of layout on customer flow is that it can be altered as needed. Rearranging your store depending on customer needs and behavior can refresh your space and motivate customers to stay longer.

At AGX, a retail design firm in Bangalore aim to transform your store into a place more desirable and aesthetically pleasing, giving it a modern yet practical touch resulting in making it more brand empowered and attracting more footfall.

At AGX, we take the task of visual merchandising services and transform ideas into a complete concept to ensure impeccable execution, our end-to-end solutions breathe life into engaging retail environments, where every moment is a memorable experience.

By transforming your store’s commercial space design, it will help in creating new aesthetics for the store, attracting more consumers, resulting in increase in sales and promotion of the brand. The old consumers as well as the new consumers would get attracted to the experimental designs as it would be something they wouldn’t have expected to happen all of a sudden, giving them the element of surprise.