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Commercial Space

Commercial Space

From transforming ideas into a complete concept to ensuring impeccable execution, our end-to-end solutions breathe life into engaging retail environments, where every moment is a memorable experience.


Commercial Space

A diverse design practice that has resulted in world-class wayfinding, graphics, products and environments.

Commercial space designing pertains to the inside style of various commercial areas, like retail areas, offices, lobbies, restaurants, and other places for public use.

Commercial space designing develops attractive and practical spaces for commercial properties. It’s their responsibility to make sure these spaces work well for both the business owners and their customers.

The chief motive behind the desire to make interior designing for a commercial place is to attract potential clients. The design should be appealing that is completely dedicated to functionality as well as on the practical side of things, ensuring that style is also integrated. Even if you think of your employees, the majority of people love to work in an office environment which is fresh and has clean air. They also like to work in places that are peaceful and free of chaos. So, it is important to have ample space in the office so that people can move freely.

Proper use of light and space should be considered as a priority when the interiors of commercial space are created. A designer has to work with an architect as well as other technicians. After the construction phase, the work for a commercial Interior Designer starts. The main aim is to build a perfect space for the customers where they feel comfortable working with you. It is very essential to make suitable workstations that have enough open spaces.

Commercial space designing can provide you with the desired aesthetics which will make your workplace suitable for achieving growth and success. It is that major thing which helps in bringing to you financial gain in all the ways.

At AGX, a retail design firm in Bangalore aim to transform your store into a place more desirable and aesthetically pleasing, giving it a modern yet practical touch resulting in making it more brand empowered and attracting more footfall.

At AGX, we take the task of visual merchandising services and transform ideas into a complete concept to ensure impeccable execution, our end-to-end solutions breathe life into engaging retail environments, where every moment is a memorable experience.

By transforming your store’s commercial space design, it will help in creating new aesthetics for the store, attracting more consumers, resulting in increase in sales and promotion of the brand. The old consumers as well as the new consumers would get attracted to the experimental designs as it would be something they wouldn’t have expected to happen all of a sudden, giving them the element of surprise.