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Watch These Top Retail Design Trends

Over the last two to three years, the retail industry has gone through a rollercoaster ride. With physical stores going for a toss due to the pandemic, drastic changes in consumer preferences and behaviors, and then when things seem to take a normal turn, inflation, the Ukrainian war, and the energy crisis took over the ride. There have been tremendous losses and phenomenal advantages too. The retail industry, however, is never going to remain stagnant. But here are a few trends that shall make a mark in the coming few years.

So, retailers, grab your notes, reshape your strategies, and get going to conquer the changing market trends.

Offering an omnichannel customer experience

After the pandemic hit hard, the e-commerce market grew tremendously threatening the survival of brick-and-mortar businesses. However, this doesn’t mean that in-store purchases are going to die. Forbes, according to their survey mentions how post-pandemic consumers are impacted by digital fatigue and want to shop physically for a breather. Moreover, as per NRF’s 2021 report, 61% of consumers depend on brick-and-mortar stores for their immediate purchases. Whereas, another report predicts that 60% of buyers desire to still shop online after the pandemic ends. 

That’s a clear giveaway of how offering an omnichannel experience is the key here. 

VR, AR, AI, and Personalization are on the rise

Personalization is crucial to making customers feel comfortable about a brand with every purchase they make. Implementing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is on the rise as they allow marketers to peep into the customer’s behavior patterns and get to know their desires even before they realize them. Customization is at its peak with AR, VR, sensor technologies, robotics, etc. 

Voice search will prevail

The fact that humans can speak 150 words per minute but could only type 40 at the same time, is quite clear with why and how voice search is increasing in demand. While retailers with physical offices are losing out so much against their omnichannel competitors, those on the e-commerce trend are also losing out if they skip focusing on voice search intent and performance. Google states that around 20% of its searches are voice-based. And with AI in the game, this trend is only going to shoot up. 

Sustainability is a priority and social media opens up the connection

With more and more Gen-Z growing environmentally conscious, the modern-day consumer demands products/services that offer them sustainable alternatives. Recyclable products, reparable and biodegradable items, eco-friendly packaging, waste reduction, etc., are some key priorities Gen-Z customers have. Meeting these demands is what retailers must work on. 

Social media plays a crucial role in connecting customers to retailers. It is gradually being a game changer to help individual businesses and local industries that come up with sustainable and innovative products to reach out to their target audience. 


With what seems to be an ever-evolving area, the retail market still has certain constant benchmarks that never go off the trend. Implementation of AI is one of them and is only going to grow with every year passing by. Additionally, the use of voice search, increase in customization, and demand for sustainable products are going to prevail in the long run. A little work on these tactics can help your retail business grow. 

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