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Ultimate Guide on Maintaining Signages Better

Brand visibility is crucial in giving steady momentum to any business venture. There is no better tactic involved in brand promotion than signage. An integral marketing component, signages are the most effective and long-term promotional solution for any brand/organization.

Signages can be of different types, from informational and navigational to brand imagery and safety guidance. The common denominator amidst it all is their potential to grab the public’s attention. Since they are incredibly impactful, their usability is also a never-ending tale.

However, signages and displays are prone to damage and wearing due to numerous external factors, hence the need for constant maintenance and assessment. 

Choose only the best material for creating high-quality signage.

While plastic and metal are the might cost-effective and readily available choices for signage and display, they are prone to weather damage faster than most other materials. Similarly, glass is highly fragile, while wood is expensive and heavier. Based on the location and requirement, high-quality materials that can withstand these external elements should be used. This increases the overall shelf life of the signage and reduces the need for repeat replacement.

Clean signages regularly to remove debris and dust deposits.

Dirt accumulation is a common problem with external signage. However, leaving them for a long time can cause aesthetic damage and also form permanent hardened grits and calculi on the display, which are difficult to remove without causing damage. Clearing them off with a simple wet cloth or duster every few days is an easy and quick solution to the problem. Dust .insect deposition along with rainwater seepage also causes ugly sights to a brand imagery. Proper sealing reinforcement shall be conducted while periodic maintenance.

Never use chemicals and high-pressure tools to clean signage.

While harsh chemicals can erode the paints and signage material, high-pressure washers can cause dents and scratches in addition to various other kinds of damage. Using a mist spray or wet cloth and mild shampoo is the easiest and quickest solution to the problem.

Seasonal washing every 3 months with mild automotive-grade shampoo is a widespread implementation because the wax contained in certain shampoos helps in protecting the signage paint from weather elements.

Check regularly for damaged and broken sections.

Loosened screws, cracked bases, torn laminates, damaged and dented screens, etc. are some of the common problems of signage. Visual appeal is the main attribute of any display, hence the need for a perfect spot-on display at any and every given time. It is important to repair them immediately, hence the need for regular maintenance checks. The more the frequency of inspections, the lesser the chances of damage to the signages.

Check and repair light fittings.

Light plays a significant role in enhancing the visibility and the overall look of the signage. Worn-out bulbs, dimming lights, and fused LEDs should be removed and replaced to ensure there is no hindrance in the visual montage of the signage.

Check for rust and weather damage.

Rusting and weather damage are some of the most common problems of outdoor signage. While there is no absolute solution to the problem, simple tips and tricks can increase longevity. Any rusting should be immediately scrapped off and repainted to prevent further corrosion, while dents and chipping should be corrected to avoid further deterioration.

A final word of advice

Signages are bound to wear and tear over time due to the constant presence of external disturbances like weather, moisture, etc. However, regular maintenance and proper care can help keep them relatively damage-free for a longer than average tenure. 

AGX designs and implements signage with the right weatherable materials with proper sealing mechanisms to enhance your signage and offers time bound warranty to reduce your costs of frequent maintenance.


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