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The Fusion of Retail and Sustainability: What’s the Progeny

The Fusion of Retail and Sustainability: What’s the Progeny

In broad terms, sustainability refers to the optimum utilization of a resource to exist constantly. The resource can be human, natural, time, capital, or energy. The retail industry is generally reproached for being a major contributor to solid land pollution. This mainly consists of PVC waste, which is hazardous to soil quality where it is dumped and on a whole, detrimental to the ecosystem. The more fancy the retail environment, the more perilous to the natural environment, ostensibly.

So, is a revolution possible? Or should I say that a revolutionary bird, flying with the wings of sustainability already set forth its abode in the retail landscape? 

At AGX, #Look No Further, when it comes to dissipating sustainable ideas and concepts. We have resorted to a green approach from a behavioral to a customer-oriented perspective. So, what’s the progeny? A revolution in the retail environment that is equally impactful and eco-friendly!


A move towards Green Behavior

How can one ensure sustainability (at the customer’s place without incorporating it) at their factory setup? We at AGX understand the whole essence of sustainability and understand its importance. Hence, we do our part to ensure this by taking up the following measures:

  • We are certified with ISO 45001 norm (as a part of the Integrated Management System). From manufacturing, to waste disposal or pollution control, to health safety, our compliance to occupational health and safety is unflinching.  
  • Our factories have many green patches, which are irrigated by the rain-water harvesting system. 

Minimal Usage of PVC

Retail Landscapes sans the usage of a lot of PVC seems a tough task. For very minimal use of PVC, we take the following measures:

  • We are very sustainable when it comes to Graphics.  While the majority of retailers use PVC, which is non-biodegradable and highly malicious to soil health when it is dumped in landfills. We advocate non-PVC usage, which does not affect the soil in any manner.
  • Our pride lies in completing the Chennai Metro Rail project. We completed the whole project without an inch of use of PVC in the Graphics. Both the solution and we embraced the Green Certified badge. Having said this, we resort to sustainable practices as much as we can here too
  • The lamination and the ink we use on the Graphics are also eco-friendly, with very low VOC usage  

Utmost care for the environment, Utmost care for the client

We sincerely believe that a happy client is our source of boundless happiness. Want a testimony? We have it ready!

Does the store close for a minimum of two weeks to two months after completing renovations? This takes a toll on the store’s ale.

What if I tell you that we completely revamped a brand store within 3 nights without a slice of effect in the store’s sale? The cherry on the cake is that revamping was done in a very sustainable manner!

Yes, Van Heusen is the brand, 3 nights is the time taken, and no fixtures are used, only furnishings. It entailed our team working during night hours from 8 pm-5 am for three days, the time when the store is closed. This reflects our sustainable use of human resources and optimum strategy application.

We used zero wood but gave a tinge of wood through our furnishings. Without an inch of use of glass, we rendered a glossy, mirror effect to the furnishings. This means absolutely no mercury was used yet the flamboyance of the glass effect shone bright! Not only sustainable in our approach towards energy but also time and most importantly our client’s sales. 

The total cost was just 20% of the total opportunity loss normally consumed when a store is shut for one month. There was no drop in sales and no expensive setups. This way, we sustainably used the capital. 

So, now you know the progeny from the fusion of retail and sustainability? By optimum use of all the resources mentioned in the first paragraph, we paint our approach with sustainability and innovation.

We at AGX are driven by a sustainable mission, innovative vision, and a quest to revolutionize the way the retail environment is approached today!


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