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Signage manufacturing for EVs – Science behind the signs



Black is often associated with sleekness, minimalism, and efficiency. These are all qualities that are highly prized in the EV industry. Why? Because EVs are seen as the future of transportation. They are marketed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. To simplify broadly, they use less and give us more. This is the philosophy behind minimalism and the EV industry Signage Manufacturing alike. Black on the signage is a great way to transfer this value to your customers.

Mysterious sophistication

Mysterious sophisticationBlack evokes a sense of mystery, innovation, and sophistication. EVs are a new and exciting technology, and they represent a shift away from the traditional automotive industry.

Anything new can be thought of as unexplored, and therefore mysterious. The timeline is still unclear on what strides we are going to make in battery and charging technology. There is a certain sense of adventure behind every EV purchase today and manufacturers want to reward their customers for it. Driving the thought that your vehicle may be mysterious, but it sure is sophisticated, seems like a great way to allow customers to identify with the branding. 


TimelessnessThis is important for the EV industry, which wants to be seen as a credible and established player in the automotive market. The EV industry is starting to grow only recently, and it is a new source of energy, a new kind of power delivery, a new automobile sound experience and the list goes on. To drive purchase decisions with something radically new, a brand needs to show its customers that they are not a fad. Not a gimmick. A brand needs to show customers that they may be new, but they are here to stay. A brand needs to keep it formal, serious and timeless to be at the forefront of change. A brand like this needs black throughout it’s signage design and signage manufacturing.

Power & contrast

Power-contrastBlack is also associated with power, contrast, and difference. This makes perfect sense too. EVs are more powerful than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, and they offer several advantages over them. They are charged as opposed to being filled with gasoline. So the contrast between EVs and combustion vehicles is very stark. There’s barely any better colour out there to present this contrast to its customers.

A low-energy colour

low energy colourBlack as a colour is a result of the absence of light, as it absorbs all light and doesn’t reflect any. This makes it “easy on the eyes” of viewers and is, therefore considered a low-energy colour when designing. This is important for the EV industry, which is committed to sustainability. EVs 

consume less natural non-renewable resources. In an industry where the “less is more” narrative is being pushed heavily, a low-energy colour fits like a glove come to think of it.


ImBlack is also associated with rebellion, strength, intelligence, and impact. EVs are a definite departure from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. They are in a way, a result of a movement. A cause. A rebellion against the depletion of fossil fuels and the pollution of our environment for day-to-day locomotion. They are also the result of intelligence, innovation and rigorous trial and error. Black perfectly encapsulates the purpose behind the EV industry arising and hence, this also makes perfect sense.

AGX’s expertise

As a signage manufacturer, AGX is well-positioned to help EV brands create and implement effective signage solutions. We have a deep understanding of the EV industry and its branding needs. We also have a wide range of signage products and services to choose from. And if your question is, “Does it come in black?”, the answer is yes! We can help you to create signage and branding that is both visually appealing and effective. 

If you are an EV brand looking for help with signage design, vehicle signage, or vehicle branding, AGX can help. We can work with you to create a custom signage solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

Contact AGX today to learn more about how we can help you create effective signage for your EV brand.