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Green Graphics: Future of sustainable retail branding techniques

The worldwide lockdown during the covid pandemic, unfortunately, caused massive economic losses and shutting down of several small businesses, but the upside of the situation is that the world truly realized that nature needs help to survive. A large section of consumers throughout the world are considering environmentally viable, sustainable products. “Good for me, good for the planet” has become the new motto of all sustainable buyers. This has forced local, national, and international organizations to seriously consider and act on making their business sustainable. Embrace sustainable retail branding: conscious choices, eco-friendly practices. Elevate your brand, empower the planet, and inspire responsible consumption.

Most companies procrastinated making their retail business environmentally sustainable as it is not a legally binding task, also because they deemed it as an unnecessary investment- a misconception! For one, the expanding nature of the retail industry demands a shift from regular branding materials to environmentally sustainable materials. Secondly, the inclination of consumers toward sustainable businesses is a stronger force demanding the shift for the sake of the environment and the generations to come, and also to save the company’s own money and resources. 

A vast majority of the retail industry, consumers included, has a positive outlook toward sustainability and environmental protection. But good intentions alone will not help. Unfortunately, in most cases, the positivity in thought does not translate into real-world actions. The gap between thought and action is the Green Gap.

The Green Gap

Many businesses actively adopt sustainable retail models by utilizing clean energy, refurbishing second-hand goods, and employing reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging. They also prioritize sourcing sustainable brands and incentivizing recycling initiatives. But a lot of businesses only think green. They do not act on it either because they do not know where and how to begin or because they feel turning into a sustainable organization is a lot of work. 

Well, AGX has a compact solution that can help any retail business put one step forth toward sustainability. 

AGX (AGX Retail Solution Pvt Ltd.) is a leading retail solutions company with over three decades of lineage. AGX has developed a series of certified end solutions to fill the green gap. These solutions comprise combinations of print substrates, clear UV laminates, printing machines, print inks, and the hard base substrate. All these are processed in a certified “Green manufacturing facility”. AGX offers an end-solution warranty electronically with a future planned extension to dispose of/recycle/ upcycle the wastes in a responsible and trackable manner.  The materials used in the process are individually certified as environment friendly and are RoHS compliant, Low VOC, and free of phthalate.

Sustainability is not an easy task to achieve, but once established as a core pillar sustainability in retail branding is an advantage that you can flaunt.

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