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Reset & Restart: Stronger when Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the normal functioning of countries the world over in an unprecedented manner. Almost every country, including major economies, has been affected by the spread of the virus. Nearly 50 lakh people are known to have been infected and roughly 3 lakh people have lost their lives worldwide. Global and local businesses have suffered leading to rapid large-scale layoffs and furloughs. Stronger when safe” encapsulates the idea that true strength arises from a foundation of safety and security. It highlights the symbiotic relationship between strength and protection, emphasizing how being secure enables growth and resilience.

In India, the steady rise in cases poses a huge challenge. Loss of jobs and livelihood both in the organized and unorganized sectors has pulverized the economy. The projected 5.3 percent GDP growth of India’s economy for the fiscal year 2020-21 has nosedived to an almost zero growth projection.

Retail Management

When it comes to retail management, AGX has been at the forefront of meticulous planning and execution of best practices. The challenge is stiff, and the AGX response is resolute! Seeking out opportunities in unforeseeable circumstances has been the hallmark of retail businesses and AGX, the astute retail firm around, is there to handhold you through difficult times. As businesses open up gradually, AGX helps you reinvent and strategize retail promotion that can dispel the atmosphere of fear and regain shaken customer confidence. A whole new code of conduct has to be firmly put in place for retail management to be back in action. AGX has a series of concrete and adaptable solutions for businesses to restart seamlessly incorporating the current safety guidelines. Vital and effective tools

(a.) Ready to apply Physical Distancing Graphic Markers chalking out safe social distancing measures within the commercial premises for potential customers,

(b.) Handsfree Sanitiser Dispensing Unit,

(c.) Contact Free Clear Shield * for cash and reception counters are a few of the solutions AGX provides.

However, what truly changes the game is the implementation of a *Sanitisation Tunnel equipped with safe, skin-friendly disinfectants. This revolutionary addition finds its place outside retail establishments, commercial spaces, metro stations, malls, offices, and similar venues. AGX remains to be the one-stop-shop that will help you in activating these strategies in congruence with your very own approach of #LookNoFurther.

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