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Arjun Reddy

Managing Director

Driven by a single mantra - “People are just as extraordinary as they believe themselves to be”, Arjun is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur who doesn’t stop and never looks back. He is defined by his courage to dream the unachievable and his ability to transform it into a successful venture. When he is not at work, he can be found either grooving to music or relaxing with his family and friends in exotic locales across the world.


Ritanshu Mohan

Chief Marketing Officer

Having worked with organisations like Coca Cola, Saint Gobain, Wipro and 3M, Ritanshu strongly believes that stories have the power to transform, connect and inspire people irrespective of any classifications of demography. With a background in management, he is a technocrat by training and a wordsmith and solution provider by choice, who loves people, food, technology and logic. In his leisure, he likes to indulge in DIY activities and poetry.

Gaurev Dhammi

Vice President

Having navigated various sectors including Consumer Durables, IT, and FMCG, Gaurev brings over two decades of expertise in customer success within the retail industry to his role at AGX. He has a strong ability to provide solutions for clients' retail needs, from concept to execution. His expertise in understanding retail ambience requirements has led to the creation of memorable customer experiences. Known for his collaborative and strategic approach, he builds deep connections with clients. Gaurev advocates equality and freedom of speech in the workplace, where doors are always open for interaction, fostering a friendly, approachable atmosphere, and breaking down hierarchical barriers to encourage employee engagement and idea-sharing. By setting ambitious targets and leading by example, Gaurev motivates his team to give their best. Beyond his profession, he finds joy in immersing himself in reading, relishing ghazals or spending quality time with family and friends.

Amresh K Mishra

Assistant Vice President

Amresh brings a rich background in advertising and promotional activities spanning over two decades. Beginning his journey with renowned brands like Reliance and Uninor, he cultivated expertise in marketing and communications before transitioning to the agency realm. Amresh is dedicated to client satisfaction and incorporates a blend of systematic planning and collaborative leadership. He believes in empowering his team by encouraging autonomous work while fostering mutual learning and growth. He is quick to adapt to the dynamic retail industry trends as he thrives on the multifaceted nature of projects, constantly seeking opportunities for growth and expansion. Beyond the boardroom, Amresh finds solace in the simplicity of life's pleasures. Whether indulging in badminton, immersing himself in the melodies of Rabindra Sangeet, or reconnecting with nature amidst serene ambiences, he cherishes moments of tranquillity away from the urban hustle.

Umesha Shivarudraiah

Business Manager Govt and Infra

Umesha brings a wealth of experience spanning 15 years within the industry. Before joining AGX, Umesha played a pivotal role at LX Hausys(earlier known as LG Hausys), focusing on architectural and channel sales in southern region. His expertise lies in analyzing market dynamics, securing projects and developing government business. Umesha emphasizes strategic collaboration and engagement within his team. His approach is marked by a mix of analytical prowess and pragmatism, ensuring seamless knowledge transfer through briefings and employee training, to tackle any challenges effectively. Beyond work, Umesha regularly plays badminton and indulges his passion for movies and melodious South Indian music.


Suranjan Saikia

Creative Director

After years of exposure to shopper behaviour and design aesthetics, Suranjan firmly believes that creativity isn’t just about the product, but the package in totality. He sees himself as a wannabe rockstar and a small - town guy with big dreams. For him, any idea is a great idea as long as it works.

Lilly Daniel

Head of Human Resources

Bringing over 24 years of experience in logistics and retail HR, she plays a key role in developing & implementing HR policies and streamlining processes. Lilly is a hands-on HR generalist who’s passionate about understanding and managing people. She has been instrumental in revamping the HR department and creating more streamlined systems. She fosters a collaborative and approachable environment, believing in understanding situations before taking action and using practical examples for clear communication. Lilly is passionate about employee engagement and enjoys organizing events, office trips, and cultural celebrations. She creates an environment where employees feel comfortable and passionate about work. Lilly thrives on new challenges, and problem-solving, and understands the importance of following SOPs for a smooth operation. When Lilly isn't working, she enjoys listening to music (both mellow and upbeat!), travelling and exploring new places.