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Know the Nitty-Gritty of Shopper Audit

In this fast-changing world, customers have multiple choices at the tip of their fingertips. So, how do businesses attract them and how do they build loyalty to the brand? Just like any other component of a business, this needs to be carefully planned out and thought through. And attracting the customer to the product and thereafter sustaining their interest is an art and science itself. AGX helps its clients in building a deeper understanding of this very important component of their business by doing shopper audit at point-of-sale locations.

One of the most important elements in building a customer base is to provide a high-class environment to the shopper in the store itself. In a retail outlet, at a very basic level, a clean, aesthetic, and efficient look is a must to attract shoppers to the store. The clutter and worn-out look of the store drive away customers. AGX has a long experience in extracting real-time information from potential shoppers through professional auditors. These highly skilled and trained professionals extract information through a thorough audit of those elements which influence a prospective buyer at the final sale point. The shopper’s behavior is carefully studied using relevant Shopper Marketing tools and then mapped in real time to hasten decision-making at the brand level.

The Mystery Shoppers Audits conducted by AGX can also provide its clients a feel of the market: what is the competition, the trends in the market, if they so desire. These audits help our clients in strategizing and optimizing their investments and businesses.


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