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How Signage Can Drive Brand Identity and Boost Sales

Have you ever wondered why customers choose certain retail stores instead of others? Ever pondered whether your store connects with the target audience? These are vital questions to ask yourself as a retailer if you want to remain relevant in the market. And, in the present experiential era, it’s time to brand/rebrand your retail signage enterprise as an attractive product that every customer would like to be a part of. 

But, before redesigning your retail enterprise, you need to be aware that the retail signage is displayed accurately. Display signages are a primordial factor that inhibits and reduces customers’ footfall into your store if not used correctly.

To earn a few extra brownie points, highlighting your store’s unique features to the customer via signage is crucial.

Here are a few tips for designing your retail signage as a brand ambassador that will draw customers to engage:

Create an impression among customers through Interesting visual display

When customers enter your store, do they stay behind to make a purchase or move on to the next store? The first impression you create is essential, requiring your store display to be very clear, bold, and welcoming. It should be designed keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your ideal customer so that they are drawn towards what lies inside.

Select the optimal layout for the placement of displays and signages all across the enterprise

Can customers easily walk across different counters and make purchases in your enterprise? Are any barriers in your store layout stopping a customer from making seamless purchases? You need to identify these barriers, rectify the layout, and ensure that the arrangement is customer-friendly and optimizes sales. 

Category signs are one of the best wayfinding tools that can help redirect consumer attention toward a specific product/brand better. Often added at the most visible sections of any row or category, these signs are a must-have display in every store to prevent confusion and help in creating an easy directional pattern of movement for consumers. The desired products of these signs are a crucial add-on to any architectural layout.

Connect with your customers through video displays

Your store’s decorations and interiors often enamor consumers, but constant communication keeps them engaged. One of the most innovative implementations today includes video polls, questionnaires, and random infographics being added to the video display that makes the entire shopping experience more engaging and fun. Remember, when your store engages with the customers and vice versa, it automatically facilitates brand loyalty. Video content is visually appealing and attention-grabbing. They make it easier to communicate with a higher rate of conversion. Though videos are usually not a part of the signage but rather an in-store element, it contributes greatly towards enhancing the customer experience. 

Cost-effective marketing solutions are driven by consumer interest.

Signages and displays are a one-time investment with a long-term return; hence, it is essential to create them after carefully considering every tiny detail. The displays are the gateway to draw the consumers’ attention to the brand and pique the curiosity of the bystanders. Hence lighting, fonts, logos, and everything in between are equally crucial in making a display.

Most consumers visit outlets for vegetables and milk or regular food products. However, retail outlet planograms are designed in a specific order where multiple rows of non-essential goods are placed upfront that leads consumers to what they require.

Signages when placed strategically, draw the attention of the onlookers constantly. These signages inadvertently help in the conversion of bystanders and onlookers into prospective consumers. The continued cycle is a definitive cost-effective marketing solution.

Construct a brand story through the display

Your retail store will attract more customers if it highlights its values and unique features as a story that connects with the ideal customer of the store. This is only possible if your retail display has the inputs curated perfectly. Visual details, creative content, and lights are combined to create an exciting collage that highlights your enterprise’s backstory and captures customers’ attention.

For example, the signage thematics can speak a lot about a brand. An IT firm with its sleek metallic display and innovative design can be the introductory picturization of what the firm is all about, similarly a vintage worn-out wooden signage with special motifs and patterns can represent a boutique hotel and showcase its theme better.

Integrate offline and online stores

If you have an offline and online presence, ensure that both stores are tied together as a unified brand. Do not run both stores in silos because customers may browse for products online but still engage in in-store purchases. Digitalize and custom-design the displays used in offline mode for the online store, ensuring consumers have a clear picture of both stores and avoid confusion.

Create an identical retail identity 

While designing your store, you must always ensure that your brand values are reflected in the store structure, layout, and design, including the signage and the displays being used. And, if you have multiple branches, ensure that you create identity guidelines so that all your stores create a familiar look and feel for customers.

The final words!

Your store is not just a place where customers buy commodities, it is a place that draws customers by promising them an unforgettable shopping experience. Utilizing the power of brand planning, graphic design, creation, installation and management of signages and displays can create a more effective and lasting impact on consumers. 

If you have the space, you can implement signages anywhere, from buildings, sidewalks, malls, and car parking to browsers, outlets, and even subways. Hence it is best never to neglect the power retail displays and retail signages have as a marketing tool. 

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