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Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd (shortly called as Toyota) wanted to start a campaign to increase their visibility and awareness about their products and activities .


  • To recreate a design which carried multiple CSR Initiatives of the company along with an array of new product launches.
  • The fleet consisted of a mix of very old, old and new buses of various sizes so that design and communication should be scalable on all models.
  • The design communication should be clear, clutter free and crisp and should convey the message even when the buses were on the move.
  • Maintain the brand guidelines, colors and placement of the contents in english as well as vernacular language maintaining  Indian Road Traffic guidelines 
  • The bus body presented challenges by coming in complex shapes and sizes, some of which components were unserviceable by printed graphics. Hence, they required a perfect mix and match hence design included a mix of printed graphics, pre-colored graphics, paints, reflective conspicuity matching of CMYK, Pantones and RAL.
  • Surveying and measuring each bus separately to account for variations in body dimensions as there were more than 10 types of bus bodies.
  • Custom-designing adaptations for each bus based on the measurements taken.
  • Working with RTO for approvals on graphic coverage, while managing the customer’s timelines of delivery.
  • Doing a seamless application with a single film that might go up to 40 Ft in length on each side of the bus, without any joints. 
  • Meetup with Toyota’s strict quality control standards and expectations, which they are known for.
  • After overcoming teething problems such as color matching, seamless joints etc, we optimized and automated the process after a few prototypes.


The goal of the project was to promote Toyota’s CSR initiatives and new car launches, including its focus on hybrid vehicles. They zeroed down to utilize their existing fleet of employee buses to serve as moving billboards across the city of bangalore and Pune. The project involved conceptualizing, designing , manufacturing and application of graphics to Toyota’s 400+ buses .Toyota shortlisted AGX, a leading transportation graphics and liveries specialist, to develop and implement this fleet graphics project. We were assigned the exciting challenge of crafting a captivating and informative design, which would splendidly embody Toyota’s brand identity and core values.

There were major guidelines we had to follow, some of which were:

  • Using premium material with a 5-year comprehensive warranty.
  • Using 3M™Supercast and microcomply cold stretchable film and authorized Low VOC water based ink technology.
  • Applying seamless horizontal graphics with minimal visible joineries.


  • Toyota required a specialist who understands brand requirements , expert in materials, experience in global standard of fleet applications and who would adhere to their strict guidelines and timelines  and AGX was shortlisted by Toyota after multiple rounds, audits, process parameters and international credentials.
  • AGX’s design team worked closely with Toyota’s marketing and communication team members to develop a design that met all their requirements. The design showcases a bold and vibrant utilization of the color blue, seamlessly incorporating typography and iconography that embodies all the themes Toyota Motors sought to convey to the (TG) Target Group.
  • The dedicated application team moved the buses to covered,well-lit, ventilated and dust free locations to avoid any minor spec during the painting and application process.
  • Toyota’s commitment to hybrid vehicles is epitomized through the captivating arrow circuitry imagery, representing the core of their sustainability strategy.
  • Toyota’s CSR initiatives were communicated in English, Kannada, Marathi based on the deployment location.
  • The back of the buses were utilized to advertise their launches.
  • We finally delivered a seamless graphics solution for every bus, through the use of multiple coloured paints to blend with the graphics.


This fleet graphics project by Toyota in India was the largest corporate fleet graphics program in recent times. The success of the project relied heavily on AGX’s project management capability to provide large-scale solutions that are both high-quality, reliable, durable, consistent and innovative. AGX’s 37 years of expertise in delivering vehicle graphics and our strong dedication to producing exceptional work that perfectly resonates with Toyota’s core principles, gave us the confidence to complete this project proficiently.

AGX , which is a very early stage Digital MCS partner for 3M, greatly acknowledges the role and support of the business and technical teams of 3M India Ltd, who worked very closely with AGX teams in material selections, co-forming and verifying processes, conducting application refresher training, warranty assurances and conducting quality checks before deliveries.  AGX is grateful to Toyota for being a supportive, helpful, professional and an ethical client. We are proud and thankful as we recognize that the client’s cooperation and coordination were essential for pulling off a project of this scale and complexity, successfully.