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Nayara Energy

Nayara Energy

Nayara Energy is a part of an international petroleum conglomerate based out of Mumbai, India. They are redefining ways to manage every single stage of the hydrocarbon value chain with ease - right from refining to production to marketing including fuel retailing. It was formerly known as Essar Oil which after being acquired by a Russian company, Rosneft in October 2016 got renamed to Nayara Energy. It has around 5000 fuel outlets in India!

Nayara Energy is establishing its footprints in the fast growing fuel retailing sector with innovation and excellence. They own and run one of the most complex and modern refineries in India, a port and also a captive power plant in Gujarat! Their main motto is to cater to the increasing energy demands in India.


  • After being acquired by an International company, Rosneft, Nayara now had a challenge of standing tall in the fuel retailing industry with the look and feel of a global brand without compromising on the Indian touch
  • To re-engineer the elements to make them lighter and robust
  • Since Nayara believes in building a better world and to meet the demands of energy, low consumption of energy in its own design elements was important to them


  • Our structural and technical inputs which incorporated light-weight of materials without compromising on the structural stability
  • The use of materials as well as the workmanship, gave the elements the desired International look
  • To top it all, we kept their philosophy of being environment friendly on top of our mind while designing the visual elements where we used a combination of
    energy-management solutions to optimise the energy consumption.


  • The fuel stations were completed on time in one go, as per the guidelines and requirements given by Nayara Energy to their satisfaction


  • A constant design evolution to build lighter yet sturdy structures.
  • Use of Eco-friendly materials and energy management systems