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HAFED is the largest apex cooperative federation of Haryana State in India. It plays a leading role in serving the farmers of the State by supplying of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, certified seeds etc. as well as hygienic and safe quality consumer products to customers in India and overseas.


  • Spanning across Haryana, Chandigarh & Delhi HAFED wanted to come up with a standard design in terms of  look and feel for their retail outlets.
  • Because of both Urban & Rural locations with a wide range of Agricultural products , Seeds, Cattle feed etc standardization of the outlets across locations was a task…


  • The retail environment today is facing significant competition from the digital space compromising customer loyalty. Hence the development of in-store design should integrate technology and online capabilities so that retailers have a complete Omni-channel offering, to meet the demands of today’s ‘connected-consumer’.
  • HAFED Retail is re-design to project itself as a leading neighbourhood retail chain, synonymous with high quality Agricultural consumer products.
  • Idea is to engage the consumer with the products by making the space more inviting and approachable .
  • Organized layout and display of products rather than current practise of stacking  , flexible shop fittings for easy adaptability across locations and retail formats , appropriate lighting system , and strategic instore communication highlighting the core value proposition intertwined to create an unique, uniform and distinct store at par with the latest market trends.


  • An Unique Identity designed for HAFED Retail Outlets consistent across Haryana, Chandigarh & Delhi enhancing its brand recall.
  • Clear demarcation between categories enhancing visibility of the entire product portfolio and range of HAFED products for the consumers and Agri inputs offered to the farmers.
  • A  brand new store façade created incorporating brand elements and colors giving prominence to the brand name.
  • As the customer profile is majorly rural and semi urban segment, future penetration into the online space is highly recommended to woo the digital savvy customers as well.
  • Visual cues created and strategically used in the design to convey the core values to the consumers. The design patterns and elements are an amalgamation of this basic art form and the offerings & service HAFED caters to… an effort to highlight the true essence of the brand.


  • Today we are dealing with a highly informed digital savvy consumer who expects  value for money, with ease and instant accessibility. Having said that, It is imperative to understand the customer psyche first and design a shopping experience for the consumer to avoid a swap from footfall to clicks.
  • A new retail identity , organized planograming highlighting the entire range of offerings, digital integration is essential especially in the government run retail sector in order to keep pace with the ever changing market trends.