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Setting Up Dell's Exclusive Gaming Store in India

This case study highlights AGX's collaboration with Dell to set up an exclusive gaming store in Delhi, India. The project posed significant challenges, such as a tight timeline of 20-30 days and the need to complete the entire process within 45 days. AGX successfully managed these constraints by adapting and improvising throughout the project, ensuring quality, and meeting Dell's expectations. This case study presents the challenges faced by AGX and showcases our key takeaways from this remarkable endeavor.

The Ask: Setting Up India's First Exclusive Gaming Store

Dell approached AGX to set up a pioneering gaming store in Delhi. The project’s major constraint was the tight timeline, with just 20-30 days for execution. We had only 2 weeks prior to this for inception, ideation and design, so a total project timeline of just 45 days. AGX accepted the challenge and committed to delivering an exceptional gaming store experience.


  • Starting from scratch: AGX provided measurements and reviewed initial designs.
  • Miniature Prototype: We developed a miniature prototype within 6 days, incorporating feedback.
  • Civil Work and Furnishing Installation: We improvised and adapted during civil work, ensuring measurements and execution were on track.
  • Meeting Deadlines: Our team worked 24/7 for 4 days, halving production time to meet installation deadlines.
  • The moment of truth: We swiftly proposed and implemented overnight modifications to accommodate Dell’s requests without compromising quality.

Challenges Faced by AGX

  • Civil Work- AGX had to deal with the consequences of delays in civil work, improvising and adapting to maintain the project timeline.
  • Material Availability- A limited time span made it challenging to acquire the required materials, leading to increased costs.
  • Engineering Considerations- Designs initially lacked load balancing and engineering considerations. AGX had to account for these aspects during execution, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Exhaustive Work Schedule- The demanding timeline forced workers to sleep for just 2-3 hours a night, highlighting the dedication and commitment of the AGX team.

Key Takeaways

  • Time is prime- We successfully executed the project within the challenging timeline, demonstrating our ability to adapt and deliver under pressure.
  • A Holistic Approach- AGX emphasized the importance of being aware of every step of the project, even outside their scope of work, for smoother execution.
  • In-house Expertise- AGX’s in-house talent proved invaluable, showcasing readiness and competence in managing tough jobs within tight timelines.
  • Prevention is better than cure- AGX took precautions to protect furnishings during parallel civil work, saving time and effort in the future.
  • Scaling Up Manpower- AGX effectively doubled their workforce to meet the demanding timeline, emphasizing the need for flexible workforce estimation.
  • Going the extra mile- AGX provided optimal lighting solutions for furniture, ensuring consistency throughout the store. They also improvised to solve lighting issues and created perfect ambient lighting, enhancing the gaming store experience and satisfying the customer.

In conclusion:

AGX collaboration with Dell for India’s first exclusive gaming store showcased our ability to excel within tight timelines. Our adaptability, expertise, and commitment to quality surpassed Dell’s expectations, leading to their admiration and recognition. Excitingly, we are pleased to pre-announce another exclusive Dell gaming store coming soon in Kolkata. Stay tuned for updates as we eagerly embrace the challenge once again.