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In December 2018, Sydney saw its first set of driverless train launch and speed across the city. Interestingly the coaches were made in India as a part of India’s first Make in India initiative under Alstom, a giant in the locomotive manufacturing industry. Headquartered in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, France, Alstom has been a key maker of passenger transportation, signaling, and locomotives. After the merger with Bombardier Transportation in January 2021, it diversified further into newer rail transport, mass traffic system, and mass rapid transport system (MRTS) ventures. With multiple manufacturing setups across India, Alstom currently specializes in making metro coaches for India and other countries. With the Sydney Metro Rail project, India-made locomotives were exported to another continent for the first time.


  • An essential requirement was specific logo and color coding to distinguish between the rail lines and networks specific to the NSW line of the Sydney Metro.
  • Another critical requirement was the specific customization of the coaches to denote their specific routes and specialty while giving the exterior an aesthetic appeal.
  • The protective film used should conform to the shape of the bull-nose-shaped engine of the train.
  • Longevity of the fleet graphics used in the coaches
  • Ensuring the graphics used are fire-resistant since the trains had to pass through long tunnels
  • The concept should have anti-graffiti protection
  • The protective film should be lightweight and not add extra weight to the coaches.


  • AGX created a detailed plan for individual coach customization with a brand-oriented as the central theme.
  • Paint Replacement technology was implemented as an alternative due to its high tensile strength and durability.
  • Pre Colored 3M films were used that are lightweight and require minimal curing time.
  • AGX’s expertise was required to implement the films on the bull-nose engine of the train ensuring there are no bubbles and it’s even at every point.
  • Any damaged section could be easily cut and replaced with the same film in no time if there is a need to replicate or repair it.
  • The film used was customized with stencils and decorative designs.
  • An anti-graffiti film layer was added over the scratch and spill-proof film.
  • AGX brought sustainable options into the picture, without the need for any additional weight on the coach.
  • The film complied with EN45545 HL3 of the European Norms of Fire Safety.


  • The deliverables ensured brand identity and brand value for the Alstom group. 
  • The timeline for shipment was significantly reduced due to the ease of installation.
  • The safety aspect of the coaches was covered as an additional advantage.
  • Added more flexibility in custom designing.
  • After completing the 1st phase of the Alstom-AGX partnership in 2017, we have been signed for the second phase in 2020.


  • One of the key benefits offered by AGX is a customizable 3M film that could be modified and redesigned by local experts whenever needed instead of bringing in the design team from AGX. 
  • As the conversion and application partners of  3M, we have a skilled team specifically trained and certified for aircraft application by them.
  • AGX is the rail partner for 3M application in India.