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  • Over the last two to three years, the retail industry has gone through a rollercoaster ride. With physical stores going for a toss due to the pandemic, drastic changes in consumer preferences and behaviours, and then when things seem to take a normal turn, inflation, the Ukrainian war, and the energy crisis took over the

  • Generations change, seasons change, people change, and lifestyles change, but one of the few things that do not change is how we shop. Online retailing has indeed reduced shopping efforts, time, and cost. Yet, a large majority of the world population prefers brick & mortar stores over internet shopping. Consequently, an impactful retail layout is a

  • Have you ever wondered why customers choose certain retail stores instead of others? Ever pondered whether your store connects with the target audience? These are vital questions to ask yourself as a retailer if you want to remain relevant in the market. And, in the present experiential era, it's time to brand/rebrand your retail enterprise

  • Wayfinding signage design plays a crucial role in making buildings and interiors understandable. With graphics, typography, and using the right colors, these linear representations help people find their way around. The symbols and terminologies used are mostly universal, while others reflect the local community's language, culture, and iconography. Wayfinding signage is a fascinating aspect of graphic

  • Thanks to the pandemic and the lockdown that followed, the need for social distancing has become a necessity for any retail store. Strategic planning and careful implementation are generic norms as consumers prefer an uncluttered and spacious shopping experience today. What is Retail Design? The planning, designing and organizing of a specific space based on the thematics,

  • Companies have reflected the importance of signage through their growth for centuries now. Placing psychologically appealing advertisements in the most prominent means getting customers to turn around and consider them. Hence, signage takes a lot of thought and strategy to it. To find a place where a certain product will have the best impact is

  • Brand visibility is crucial in giving a steady momentum to any business venture. There is no better tactic involved in brand promotion than signages. An integral marketing component, signages are the most effective and long-term promotional solution for any brand/organization. Signages can be of different types, from informational and navigational to brand imagery and safety guidance.

  • Signage is a display- a visual representation- that gives you all the information you need to navigate yourself to the place you want to be. It helps people easily reach their destination, and even helps customers find what they have been looking for at your shop. What helps a retail store stand out and attract more

  • For an entrepreneur, a new store or the first store is a dream come true. However with a new beginning comes a list of resources that they need access to. Expertise, time, and budget topping the list which are often not possible in-house. Imagine if you could outsource it to the experts in the field without

  • In broad terms sustainability refers to optimum utilization of a resource in order to exist constantly. The resource can be human, natural, time, capital, or energy.  The retail industry is generally reproached for being a major contributor of solid land pollution. This mainly consists of PVC waste, which is hazardous to soil quality where it is