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  • In broad terms sustainability refers to optimum utilization of a resource in order to exist constantly. The resource can be human, natural, time, capital, or energy.  The retail industry is generally reproached for being a major contributor of solid land pollution. This mainly consists of PVC waste, which is hazardous to soil quality where it is

  • The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted the normal functioning of countries the world over in an unprecedented manner. Almost every country, including major economies, has been affected by the spread of the virus. Nearly 50 lakh people are known to have been infected and roughly 3 lakh people have lost their lives worldwide. Global and

  • In this fast-changing world, customers have multiple choices at the tip of their fingertips. So, how do businesses attract them and how do they build loyalty to the brand? Just like any other component of a business, this needs to be carefully planned out and thought through. And attracting the customer to the product and

  • Gone are the days when we used to head to a store, look for the right product and purchase. Using AI the store owners can transform this experience of the customers to a whole new level. From personalizing products to smaller queues at the billing counter, automation can do it all. As famously quoted by Chief

  • Featured Image Source Retail consumers in China are at the cusp of something really amazing. The latest grocery concept store by Chinese retail giant Alibaba is nothing short of exceptional and lays the foundation of future shopping experiences. As a consumer, I can order online and have it delivered to my home in 30 mins flat.

  • Consumers today are not as homogeneous as they used to be. It is becoming harder and harder to put them in large clusters with similar needs or desires. Everyone today wants to stand out and not follow the crowd. Consumers are exploring different facets of themselves and are spending on things that add to their

  • The most significant part of retail design is the choice of colours. Colours directly impact the way people perceive retail stores around them. It affects how long people decide to stay at the store, what kind of experience they have, and ultimately whether they choose to make a purchase. According to statistics from Design & Decor

  • Technology has revolutionised the way industries work, this includes the retail industry where technology and innovation are rapidly changing retail from being transactional to now being experiential