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Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Gone are the days when we used to head to a store, look for the right product, and purchase. Using Artificial Intelligence the store owners can transform this experience of the customers to a whole new level. From personalizing products to smaller queues at the billing counter, automation can do it all.


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As famously quoted by Chief AI Scientist at Facebook-Mr.Yann LeCun: “Our Intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.

We have picked what we think are the top 5 bestAI-implementedd stores. Let us know which is yourfavoritee.

1. Sephora

It is not a new name in the world of beauty products. Sephora store scans the face of the customers and provides recommendations apt for them. Imagine getting the right makeup shade without even having to try it on the face! Now that’s technology 🙂

2. Taco Bell

As the saying goes “You cannot make everybody happy, you are not a taco”. They surely justify this saying!
Not many of us are aware that Taco Bell was the first restaurant to allow customers to order food directly through AI. The Tacobot which is an AI chatbot enables the restaurant to engage customers making it easy for them to place their order, also allowing them to customize for large orders.

3. Macy’s

Retail stores are giving customers the power to get instant support, inside the stores if you are unable to find the thing that you are looking for! Macy’s On Call app is programmed in a way to enable Customers to chat with an AI bot to locate an item, get answers to their queries,s and also check if something is in stock. The bot can even detect an irritated customer and alert the employees to calm down the frustrated customer. Now that’s something that we would love to have in our personal lives at times, don’t we? >

4. Amazon

This was all over the media recently. No more cashiers at the Amazon Go Store. Walk into the store, grab whatever you want from the shelves and there you go – Voila!! It can’t get easier than this. You are however being watched by the sensors and cameras installed throughout the store to track your purchase and your Amazon account is charged with the exact amount when you leave.
With that, you no longer have to wait in long queuesto  get your items billed and that’s what we call “Seamless shopping”

5. North Face

As Tom Ford says—“Dressing well is a form of good manners” and North Face lets you achieve that.
Find your perfect fitting coat at this store!

How? Well, using IBM Watson’s cognitive computing technology it asks questions such as where the customer will want to wear the coat and their kind of work. Using that information, North Face makes personalized recommendations to help customers find the perfect coat for their activities.

Artificial Intelligence is ruling the retail domain and helping brands become more customer-centric and efficient in retail operations. So, harness the true potential of AI and see your retail brand go skyrocketing.



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