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ISO 9001:2015 QMS is a tool to establish the quality of services and products. AGX works to consistently provide services and products ensuring customer satisfaction as the primary goal. Such certification has demonstrated our ability to evolve and develop our capabilities while showing due diligence in complying with administrative and regulatory norms.


ISO 14001:2015 – ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) is a tool that specifies the requirements for EMS and enables companies to establish environmentally friendly practices. As a company using the resources to offer services at some point or the other. Thus, this certification enables us to undertake our environmental responsibilities and obligations systematically for sustainable development.


ISO 45001:2018 – OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (OHSMS) sets up guidelines and compliance for establishing an OHSMS. We believe that a company can only grow on the able shoulders of the employees and thus providing them with the utmost safety and protection is a must. This certification aids our efforts to establish a system to minimize risk and conform to our obligations.

AGX is committed to provide professional approach to this widely spread out retail execution industry. Professionalism do comes with structured training approach with three decades of industry experience. Project management has gained traction in recent times and the domain has developed to meet the increasing expectations. In 2015, AGX recognized the need to establish and update the various attributes of project management for better results by means of courses. These management courses are based on MS Project, Primavera and others to facilitate employees to receive a series of management training. The certification was awarded at the completion of such training enabling the Project team to map their abilities and improve communication competencies. Synergy Certification offered an opportunity to AGX team to learn aspects of project management and its various components such as risk, scope and time management, monitoring and controlling etc. It formalizes the need to upgrade this component of business development to bring efficiency to the outcomes.

Sustainability is just not a trending concept but an inherent need and AGX has been an early mover to not only recognize this but to act upon it with serious intent. As the concept of sustainability gained attention, Green certification is proving to be a significant tool to promote sustainability in the products and services offered, especially in the retail execution arena, where removal of graphics is rampant at end of every campaign and responsible waste management is lil distant. The certification facilitates the usage of services and products that have a sustainable life cycle. That means right from the raw materials to the inks and print platform,manufactured in a Certified Green unit, they comply with the environmental norms and cause minimum damage to nature. AGX has adopted such practices in operations by AGX GREEPHICS™ to offer eco friendly and toxic free graphics, both flexible or rigid, promotional or durable, to the customers. In addition, using our products and solutions could also help you to enhance your LEED rating points to showcase better sustainability of your buildings. Furthermore, since AGX manufactures its products and its various components under a completely green ecosystem comprising inks, films, overlays, boards and processes that have low emission potential, we are therefore eligible to provide GreenGuard™ Gold Certification approved by UL.